Sydney Sommelier

Damian’s journey into the world of wine began working as a
Sommelier in landmark Sydney restaurants...

Life, Love &
in the
Yarra Valley

Damian begins his
life as a Winemaker
in the Yarra Valley...

Oregon, All in the Same Boat

Damian follows his passion for Pinot Noir to Oregon...

The Subtle Secrets of
Barrels – Margaret River

Damian follows opportunity across
the globe to immerse himself in producing
top-end Margaret River Chardonnay...

Contemplating Jack Russell - Yarra Valley

Damian’s long held dream to start his own wine business sees the
journey come full-circle with his return to the Yarra Valley...

Winemaker Dreaming – New Horizons

Damian contemplates where the journey may lead in the future...

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end".

Ernest Hemmingway

Journey Wines are a reflection not only of the unique vineyard sites on which the grapes were grown, but also of the journey of winemaker Damian North.